Immigration Misconceptions, A Series On Common Mistaken Notions About Immigration

I’m “rebooting” my blog to address immigration misconceptions I have heard over the years, more frequently as we near our Presidential election with immigration as a point of contention. Specifically, I believe that anti-immigration organizations (which I define as not only being focused on illegal immigration, but also favoring a reduction in legal immigration, to have an immigration moratorium, or wanting to stop it entirely) are releasing incomplete or skewed data to further these perceptions against immigrants, and to influence voters at a critical time. As a contrast, the information I list will be from respected non-partisan sources, and can be easily verified.

Although Internet anonymity often infringes on effective discussion, contrasting views help me to understand issues more completely. I welcome questions and contributions, however if I feel comments are antagonistic or irrational, I will remove them at my discretion. Create your own blog if you have nationalism or separatism as a goal, I fully support your division starting on an Internet away from mine.

That said, let’s get started…


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