Second Myth: “Illegal aliens ‘cut in line’ ahead of legal immigrants”

This is also something you hear very often, that illegal aliens have “cut in line” ahead of legal immigrants, causing them to wait longer or displacing them from coming legally. The wait for my family, as long as it took, was not delayed by any illegal alien. They may have arrived before my family was admitted but didn’t gain the same immigration status.

“It’s a slap in the face for immigrants that are coming here the correct way”. A couple years ago I interacted further with someone when I heard this response: What was the “correct way”? He said that he had an Australian couple for friends, they filed for “Tourist” visas as often as they could, until gaining enough of a foothold to stay.

While not disallowed (after all, they were allowed to permanently immigrate), this behavior borders on immigration fraud. Applying for a temporary “Tourist” visa means you have the intent to return before your visa expires. It is important to note that around 40% of illegal aliens that are present in the United States are “visa overstays”, but it does not interfere with immigrant visas or slow that process down. It could perhaps influence the issue of other non-immigrant visas of the same type, but the comment seems to be defined towards those applying and being admitted under immigrant visas.

For the last several years anyway, more than half of all Legal Permanent Residents are gaining that status while in the United States under a non-immigrant visa. This can be from the ‘K’-class visas like my wife had, or even those Australian friends. I bring it up because the concept of “waiting” while you are already present in the United States with some sort of status is certainly less arduous.

There really is no defined “line” for immigration. My next article will contrast against the misconception that “anyone” (in other words, the average person in a foreign country) can file a form to immigrate, “wait” some time, and eventually be admitted to the United States. Stay tuned for updates, and remember you can comment below!


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